In the sandbox lurks the flu


When we were kids we painted the carpet with daddy’s expensive oil-colours, and put firework in the microwave. But the world has become dangerous. On the day of birth one is placed in an education project of parents and society: our western world has become an incubator for overprotected people, who can no longer walk without rebound tiles, who can solve every mathematical problem but can’t advocate themselves. We see rulers and advisers who withdraw us from making own choices. As a design duo we want to tempt for taking risks. We want to laugh about our fear en celebrate that we fall. We want freedom of choice and the right to fail. We want to challenge, infect and release. By doing so we apply our products as vehicles of meaning to picture the asininity of reality in a humorous way.

Haarstuk en schaar

Hair piece and scissors

One shot destruction.

Spiegel en hamer

Mirror and hammer

No manual attached.


Oil Lamp

We celebrate our fall.



We laugh about our fear.



Flying fight.



Boredom breeds evil.


Dolls heads

Advice: Examine.

We are Brekel & Strekel

Julia Leitmeyer,

Lieke Brekelmans,

We balance between a sober problem-solving view and the impassioned will to dream unconditionally. We adore the hilarity of everyday occurrences and own a healthy dose of self-mockery. Julia’s thoughts fly around, can’t cease and tread every path. Lieke stops, tidies up and concretises.

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Lieke Brekelmans

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